Smart and versatile drug delivery

Platform technology

Our platform technology allows the nanocarrier to simultaneously achieve several core objectives in the design that have not been combined in any other competitive system. The complex is comprised of a natural smart polymer nanocarrier with functional coatings.

The company is developing specific applications of its propriety versatile drug delivery system using advanced electrohydrodynamic atomization (electrospray technology).

Broad Application

  • High ‘payload’ encapsulation efficiency and flexible platform for biologics and small molecules.
  • Ability to encapsulate insoluble and/or unstable molecules
  • Suitable for combinatorial therapeutics

Targeted Delivery

  • Conjugatable with antibodies, peptides and other disease-targeting moieties
  • Tailored to deliver drug selectively into range of target tissues

Therapeutic Protection

  • Preservation of bioactivity whilst traversing biological barriers, including blood brain or digestive
  • Preventing unwanted early clearance and prolonged system circulation

Patient Safety & Comfort

  • Safe, non-immunogenic, biodegradable, biocompatible and non-invasive administration compatible
  • Potential to reduce the therapeutic accumulation in healthy tissue

Functional Biomaterial

  • Engineered material for programmed or on-demand controlled release
  • Combination of multiple release profiles and/or multiple active ingredients
  • Predictable and tuneable behaviour

Predictable Therapeutic Release

  • Low initial burst release and safety profile, release kinetics from days to months
  • Improved therapeutic benefit from steady release
  • No undesired fluctuations in drug concentration