Advanced Therapeutic Nanoencapsules


BioCyto is a preclinical stage biopharmaceutical company that is developing a highly versatile portfolio of proprietary biocompatible intranasal and injectable drug delivery systems with superior transportation and administration properties that enable the sustained release of therapeutics and constrain dose dumping.

Our approach

We focus on the design and development of nanocarrier platforms that offer smart design and controlled drug release capabilities for formulation augmentation of drug candidates.



Ability to fabricate solid bead or core-shell nanoparticles allows for selective addition of various pharmacokinetic properties.

  • Encapsulation of unstable bioactives without losing their functionality
  • Enhanced dissolution of poorly water-soluble drugs
  • Selective transportation across biological barriers such as blood brain and digestion
  • Nano-range ranging 10’s of nm to 100’s µm for mode of action design


Smart Polymers

Systems compatible with a range of functional materials such as chitosans and poly(lactic-co-glyolic) acid based polymers, functionalised coatings and crosslinker ligands.

  • Targeted and controlled delivery
  • Low density, large internal ‘payload’ space
  • Drug-administration routes, such as oral, injection, inhalation, and ophthalmic administration
  • Tailored surface properties of nanoparticle and conjugated disease-targeting moieties


Controlled Release

Rationally designed to offer precise control over the safety by controlling the rate, time and site of release within the body.

  • Diffusion-controlled release through smart shell polymers
  • Chemical linkers that provides predictable cleavage and release rates
  • Biodegradable materials that offer predictable release
  • Stimuli-sensitive and on-demand controlled release