Passionate about medicine, compassionate about people

Committed to better healthcare, we partner with excellence to improve therapies for people with serious diseases by continuing to explore the vast possibilities of BioCyto nanoparticle systems.

We are always seeking partners and collaborators to uncover the full potential of our technology. We have already forged strategic partnerships with technology developers and academic institutions and will continue to do so.



Trinity College Dublin Biosciences Institute is home to our laboratories and is the hub for Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research. Trinity College Dublin also has a long history and a world class expertise in advancing nanomedicine, and state-of-the-art techniques, methodologies, skills and instrumentation from several scientific arenas. This facilitates cross-disciplinary platforms to address key questions in biomedical devices, neuroscience, nanomedicine, pharmacology, toxicology, clinical medicine, translational oncology, brain oncology and surgery.

IME Medical Electrospinning focuses on developing and implementing electrospinning and spraying processes and equipment for the manufacturing of medical and pharmaceutical devices for (regenerative) medicine. IME Medical Electrospinning has developed a unique set of innovations in electrospun and electrospray technology for the reproducible and scalable production of micro- and nanomaterials under tightly controlled conditions required for the MedTech market. Customers include the regenerative medicine industry, scientists and health institutions.

Supporting the growth of world class Irish companies, Enterprise Ireland has awarded BioCyto with the title of High Potential Start-Up with a solid business plan to deliver innovative technologies and services for sale in international markets. We plan to build scale through R&D, technology and IP development.