Transforming Antiviral Medicine

Delivery system concept

Our novel nanocarrier enables guarded delivery of viral vaccines and antiviral agents for enhanced therapeutic efficacy.

 Current Challenges 

Instability of protein antigens and vaccine payloads can limit their commercial potential. The absence of a cold-chain emerges as a challenge during distribution for protein antigens whereas safe delivery into the cell is a concern for nucleic acid vaccines.

Adverse side effects and resistant strains are often a consequence of high doses and continued administration of antiviral drugs. This is a result of poor solubility, bioavailability issues and the limitation of existing therapeutics to reach viral reservoirs.

 NanoVirex Features

Our environmentally protective, controllable-release and non-invasive administrative nanoformulations are applied to reduce the need for high dose administration, enabling improved patient compliance and safety. Viral vaccines and antiviral drugs can augment their pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties whilst reducing the side effects by combining with NanoVirex. This drug delivery system is being developed to be compatible with small molecules and macromolecules.